How is the weather in UK?

Even though UK weather is unpredictable, it is seldom extreme. The average temperature ranges from 9–18 degrees Celsius in summer and 2 and 7 degrees Celsius in winter. But temperatures can reach around 30 degrees Celsius in case of a heatwave and often drop to just below 0 degrees Celsius in winter. Most houses, buildings, […]

Can we extend our stay in UK post studies?

If you wish to stay in the UK post studies, you may need to apply for a visa extension or for a work visa depending on the type of employment, your duration of stay and your current visa status.

Can I work in the UK on a study visa?

You can take a part-time job, work placement or internship alongside your studies in the UK and the hours and type of work will depend on the type of visa and your sponsoring university or college.

Do international students get scholarships in UK?

Numerous scholarships, bursaries and grant schemes are on offer for international students and depending on your nationality, you may be eligible for a loan or financial support also from the UK government. Many institutions also offer their own financial assistance.